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We are Tim and Carol Karchnak.  We are now located in beautiful Perry County, in central Pennsylvania.  Growing up we were both dog lovers.  We have been lucky enough to turn that passion into our careers.  It is also how we met.

We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the top trainers in the US and in the World.  Carol also earned a trainer certification from Northstate Canine Academy in North Carolina. 

We have trained many dogs in the "Schutzhund" (IPO/IGP) sport since 1988, several to SchH/IPO 3, 5 to DPO 2 (working police dog title), and Fh (advanced tracking). We have competed in many national championships since 1990, including North American Championships, AWMA, and AWDF. Tim has competed on four world championship teams with his dog Monty Extra Temperament ("Goose"), placing #11 out of 140 dogs at the 2016 FCI all breed world championship in Slovenia. Our good friend and training partner, Ruk Jayakody, won the 2017 WDSAA National, placed second at the 2017 DVG America Championship, and #8 in the world in 2018 at the World Championship for Dutch Shepherds in the Netherlands. Presently we are both training young dogs which we expect to begin titling in 2021, and raising a young son of Monty Extra Temperament (Goose) as an IGP prospect.

We are members of the Mid Atlantic Working Dog Club/Three Mountains WDC which meets here at Muddy River and DVG America.  Tim serves as Training Director for Mid Atlantic/Three Mountains WDC. Tim has been a helper at several UScA Regional Championships, WDSAA National Championship, and USRC National Championship.  



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