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We are Tim and Carol Karchnak.  We are now located in beautiful Perry County, in central Pennsylvania.  Growing up we were both dog lovers.  We have been lucky enough to turn that passion into our careers.  It is also how we met.

When Carol became a police officer, her ultimate goal was to become a police dog handler.  It was not long after she was hired that her Department formed its first K9 Unit which consisted of three dogs and handlers.  She was chosen to be one of them.  For 19 years, she remained part of the K9 Unit, becoming the supervisor and doing much of the training with the dogs and handlers.  She handled her three police service dogs from the beginning of their training until the end of their careers.  Each of her dogs were titled by her in the Schutzhund sport and each competed in at least one National Championship.  She purchased her third and final police dog, Axel, as a young, untrained dog.  Not only did he become a successful and well-respected police dog, but he also earned the Schutzhund 3, the sport's  competition level title, and DPO 2, the advanced police service dog title.  Carol has titled thirteen dogs in the schutzhund sport, including 2 of her own to SchH (IPO) 3.

Tim's first dog training experience was training dogs for hunting.  His sweet Yellow Lab, Sally, was often invited by other hunters on bird hunting trips because of her capabilities.  As a police officer, Tim was interested in becoming a police service dog handler.  It was not until he joined a larger department that the opportunity presented itself.  He, too, handled three police service dogs from the beginning of their training until their retirement.  He titled each of his dogs in the Schutzhund sport as well:  the first, Dan, Bh to SchH 2, DPO 2; the second, Nico, Bh to SchH 3, DPO 2, when he scored 100 perfect points in tracking; and the third, Mutz, to SchH 3, earning 99 hard-earned points in protection. Tim continued to be responsible for training his Department's police dogs and supervising the K9 Unit after retiring his last police dog. 

We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the top trainers in the US and in the World.  Carol also earned a trainer certification from Northstate Canine Academy in North Carolina. 

Carol has retired her Belgian Malinois, Zh'Ak ot Shato Bulgar (called "Ami"), who is 5x IPO 3.   In October, 2013, Ami earned an FH 1, an advanced tracking title in the IPO sport.  Ami competed in two Regional and four National events.  At the 2013 Northeast Regionals, he scored 98 points in protection!  

In June, 2013, Tim purchased a young Malinois he calls "Goose".  Monty Extra Temperament is the son of a super dog named Jaguar de Alphaville Bohemia, who is presently competing at the World Championship level of IPO.  Tim and Goose earned their Bh at our Spring 2014 Trial. In 2015, Tim and Goose earned their IPO 1, 2, and 3.  In April 2016, Tim competed in the AWDF Championships in Momence, IL.  It was Tim's first national championship.  They placed FOURTH!!! earning a spot on the FCI World Championship team!!! Tim and Goose place 11th at the 2016 FCI World Championship!!!  Three weeks later, Tim and Goose placed 4th at the AWMA Nationals, earning a spot on the team for the FMBB World Championship in April 2017!!!

We are members of the Mid Atlantic Working Dog Club/Three Mountains WDC which meets here at Muddy River, the American Working Malinois Association, United Schutzhund Clubs of America (UScA), UScA's SchH 3 Club, AWMA's IPO 3 Club, and UScA K9 (for police dog handlers who have earned DPO).  Tim serves as Training Director for Mid Atlantic/Three Mountains WDC, is a former Assistant Director for the Northeast Region of SchH USA, and is a member of DVG. Carol is the Treasurer of the American Working Malinois Association. Tim was selected as a helper for the Northeast Regional Championships several times, as well as the WDSAA Nationals in 2014.  He is now an apprentice judge with the American Working Malinois Association.



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